SOLVENT ABUSE : Last Salute LP 2008 (Collection of early demo recordings from 1982-1984)

( Political Hardcore Punk / England)

The problem was that the quality of the songs isn't good. I worked hard to make these songs almost perfect and I think the final result makes this record A must!

1.Nuclear Fallout
3.Heroin Girls
4.Social Scum
5.Last Salute
6.60 Seconds
8.Glue Kills
10.Times Up
12.Burn Like A Bullet
13.No Hope
14.Anarchy In Yourself
15.They’ve Got Guns
16.System Trance

I am going to repost the whole thing because some of the songs don't belong to solvent abuse.It's A complicated story.it seems that fellow punks the abductors from the same area -nottingham made a demo called solvent abuse and many people think that these tracks maded from solvent abuse.wrong. the right songs are in my hard disk so soon you will be able to download this must from nottingham.


living in the 80s said...

If you pay attention on the tracks 12 to 16, its The Abductors (Nottingham) 3rd demo. "The demo is sometimes mis-titled as 'Solvent Abuse' at some download places. The reason is probably cause the bands were friends and someone might recorded both their demos to tape and all this years later it all got ripped by someone to mp3's as 'Solvent Abuse' demos... Jar and Jono from Solvent Abuse was actually at the studio when Abductors recorded the 'Notts Punks' demo."
Hope you can find the real Solvent Abuse 1984 demo.

filosofos said...

YES the tracks you mentioned 12 to 16 have other lyrics and problably belongs to the abductors 3rd demo.

very soon I 'm going to re-post the whole LP with the right songs. I have the songs and the only thing that left is to make it more enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

Hi i think you'll find all these tracks belong to solvent abuse tracks 12-16 where from our last demo in 1984 cheers shelley.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm what Shelley (Solvent Abuse singer) says in his last post. Tracks 12 - 16 are written and recorded by Solvent Abuse - it was our last demo session - Cookie (Solvent Abuse Bass Player)

Anonymous said...

reupload solvent abuse last salute, please