(Political Hardcore Punk / France)
1.Toujours la même chose
3.C'est la fête
4.Le mal d'ennui
5.La cinquième saison


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Grey, grim and angry -- truly the sound of 1986.

Anonymous said...

hi guys , i don't know this band but it talks about alcool , boredom so it's not political , it's not hardcore really , it's just punk rock and raw . thanks a french guy's

Anonymous said...

Thank you Filosofos, Good sounds friend! I am enjoying this post right now and barbecuing some tasty treats. I'll save some for you. Hey, do you know any good sources for political information? Just wondering. Take care, and thanks again>Rg

Gilberto vonMamerto said...

Jerete Filosofos!!!!

I send you a good punk hc band from Chile:

Políticos Muertos:

"Dead Politics", punk hardcore and the way of the Black Blag weird sounds and punk bands from the 80's of The Rock Radical Vasco ("Basque Country" in the spain State) . Born in Santiago de Chile in 1987 - 2000 and return now. Polítics lyrics and critical outlook of the punk movements in Santiago de Chile in late 80's.

Politicos Muertos: lp 1997


efjaristo,kali andamosi

Good luck!!!!

Toxik Boys said...

thanks. Great post