(Melodic Hardcore Punk / Yugoslavia)

1. Forever Punk
2. Kragujevac
3. Mi Smo Milion Glasova
4. Buducnost
5. Instrumental
6. Ringispil
7. Per Aspera Ad Astra
8. Opasnost
9. Boban Pocinje
10. Bolovanje
11. Ultranova
12. Basketball
13. Balada
14. Poslednji Mohikanci
15. Suzy

In Belgrade they met a Greek student named Makis (Christos Christostomidis), who liked their music so much that he decided to help the band release an LP, an old dream of theirs. So in 1989, their first LP Forever Punk was released on Wipe Out Records from Piraeus (Greece), which contained all the best songs from their beginning until then, but this time recorded in Oliver, the best recording studio in Belgrade at the time.

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