(Hardcore Punk / America)
1. Youths of Age
2. Inside Looking Out
3. Blind Resistance
4. Faith in Mercy
5. White Line
6. All the King's Men
7. Passion and Pride
8. Running for Cover


Anonymous said...

hey, thanx for PARIAH album...I was looking for it pretty long time :)

Anonymous said...

Same here. Thanks! Been lookin' forever.

cheeseburger said...

In 1986 I came across this lp in the used bin in a record store that had some punk records. I live in a small town back then, it is now much bigger unfortunately, anyway, I came across this album and just had to buy it because I have heard them on the Rodney on the roq album. I really liked the record and found out it was recorded in 1983, but that was ok, because it was such a great album. Mid tempo punk, really good punk rock. Who would have brought it back to the record store....I don't know, but I thank him for it. This record lasted lots, and got heard a lot from 1986 through 1987. I then haven't gone back to this record in a long time, but I now have it in iTunes. The expanded version has their next record which shows the band going in an incredibly more slower, hard rock sound. However, I just can't dislike them. Great band. My only wish is that I would like them to release everything they have done including mini lps and single. That's whats left.