A true story with an unknown End

Somewhere there is a sunny house  and a yard with trees and plants. inside the yard exist an animal the most people know it as cat (I m not sure if it is cat ,what I know for sure is that it has lives more than One). She lives free  and although someone feed it regularly she hunts other animals like mices,birds etc. she can climb ,hide and jumb in order to catch her victim.

but there is something inside the yard that this monster hate it most. It is a tall tree   8 metres  I think which is perfect for those birds who want to generate other birds, to make eggs.

 The birds make nests in the branches and the tree protect them from the monster that is messing around inside the yard.
But this monster has a friend. the wind. sometimes a very strong wind is able to destroy the nests and throw the small birds from the tree.

I don't know what will happen  ...make your own end or do it yourself

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