Anonymous said...

man if you like data morgana and some other norwegian bands you should try Kort Prosess! members of Bannlyst/Svart Framtid/Kafka Prosess & So Much Hate :) ! killer stuff


filosofos said...

everything I heard from norway was very good....kafka process,bannlyst,so mush hate,data morgana,life but how to...,stengte dorer,svart framtid,siste dagers helveet and angor watt.
really i like it more than the scene of finland that many punks love it.

i will search for kort prosess.

Anonymous said...

yep ,basically the "scene" (whatever that means btw) up in norway is more variegated,and a little more melodic than any other out there - melody is for me the key for anything,and even in hardcore there should be more melody than noise,but maybe its just me ;) A good band right now is Knuste Ruter as well (ex members of Stengte Dorer and the aforementioned bands,most notably the singer) so be sure to check them out as well you would probably like it.

Kort Prosess = the Doom of norway ahahah,with more intelligent lyrics ahah

Do you know the grece's hardcore band Antimob? Can you suggest something to me to listen to?

cheers 'n beers :)

filosofos said...

in norway the scene is more variegated.
thanks that is what i was trying to say.
like italy where the punk is more variegated than other scenes.

I know antimob only as a name.never saw them live.

a band which many punks in greece like is xasma.
xaotiko telos (chaotic end) is another band which like many ( hardoce early 90s.
some other are ..deus ex machina,panikos,stress,nautia,genia tou xaous(generation of chaos),gulag anti(with syntesizers0,ektos elegxou and very good lyrics)and many more.

Anonymous said...

will check out these bands as much as possible,thanks for the info.Anyway antimob seems pretty good at what they do (http://antimob.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2012-tape) i dont know about the lyrics but i'll try to get em

Yep,even in italy is the same,but it used to be good only in the 80s/early 90s - i lived there and now is gentrified and is suckin up to the last trends (metalcore before,crust lately and the bizzarre "metalpunk" craze)like everyplace right now,i think.90's italian hardcore was more experimental but some bands were amazing (By All Means - straight edge hardcore,Concrete - "screamo"metal,BelliCosì - hardcore and postcore band)

Politically/Socially we're pretty fucked up right now - and theres no way for a political offense/an hardcore resurgence or whatsoever - people is braindead and too much concern about fallowin the whos who of the cases (even if i myslef im trying to move somethin,you knoe,"its easy to complain about darkness but its more useful to light a spark" or somethin like that ;) ).Hows the situation in Greece,man?I hope things will change,for everyone,cos we're livin all pretty hard times...

Good vibrations to you

Anonymous said...

If you like norwegian hardcore you should check out some of the new stuff from norway, still good.
check out Jenkem Warriors
and The Ødeleggers