Sotiria Bellou

Bellou was not only a talented singer, but also a political activist. Having such an opinionated and strong personality, she joined the Greek Resistance against the Axis occupation of Greece during World War II. She was caught by the Nazis, tortured and then put into prison. In 1944 she participated in the Dekemvriana as a member of the National People's Liberation Army (Ethnikos Laikos Apeleftherotikos Stratos, or ELAS). During the civil war she supported the leftists and she was caught at least once and kept in detention.

Members of extreme right groups never forgave her political stance and her participation in the Dekemvriana and in one incident they visited the club "Tzimis o hontros" where she was singing on stage with Peristeris, Kasimatis, Keromytis, Stelios, Roukounas and Tourkakis, and demanded that she sing a famous right wing song. After her refusal she was beaten by some six members of the royalist group X, also known as 'Chites' (Χίτες), who threatened to kill her and called her "vulgara" (communist). Years afterwards she still expressed her grievance that not one man from those in the club and none of her colleagues stood up to defend her.

THE FIRST OF THE FIFTH :http://www.mediafire.com/?uz4l9qb8nh2557j

1.Συννεφιασμενη Κυριακη

2.Το μινορε της αυγης

3.Πριν το χαραμα μοναχος

4.Ξημερωνει και βραδιαζει

5.Ειδα κι επαθα κυρα μου

6.Οταν πινεις στην ταβερνα

7.Καποια μανα αναστεναζει

8.Αραμπας περνα

9.Ο ναυτης

10.Παραστρατησα για σενα

11.Το παιδι που ειχες φιλο

12.Η μαρω

13.Αγαπησα και μισησα

14.Εκαψα την καλυβα μου


16.Δε λες κουβεντα

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