H.N.F. : VÁLKA demo tape 1986 + OBYČEJNÍ HRDINOVÉ demo tape 1987

( Raw Punk / Czechoslovakia )


This trio from the city of Jihlava leaded by Petr “Biafra” Stepan. Unlike many other bands, H.N.F. (“Heroes Of The New Front”) were not influenced by ’77 or ’82 punk, but by DEAD KENNEDYS (obviously) on the one hand, and DISCHARGE on the other. The result was crushing, raw punk with great parts filled with distorted guitar solos and hopeless screams. Some songs were performed at blazing speed; some other were slow, dark, hypnotic opuses. Most of the lyrics dealt with the horrors of war. The band members were pretty active in the gig, zine, and recording fronts: they organized several illegal shows in villages around their city, released the first punk zine over here, called Punk Maglajz (“Punk Brawl”; a pun on “mag”) and recorded and unofficially released four studio tapes. The most known one, called “Valka” (“War”), received a great response. In ’87/’88, the H.N.F. were often described as the best Czech punk band. In ’88, they recorded their last tape, “Dum na demolici” (“House for Demolition”), and then switched their style to gothic rock and name to XIII. STOLETI (13th CENTURY).

H.N.F. participated in a few compilation tapes, in ’91 there was the “Valecny uzemi” (“The War Zone”) LP released on the Monitor label. It consists of recordings from old tapes

demo 1986:

demo 1987:

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