(Hardcore Punk / Italy)

1. REIG "State Refuse"
2. STIGMATHE "Fronte di nervi"
3. RAW POWER "Army"
4. CANI "La mia carta"
5. CRAPPING DOGS "Don't Cry, Shoot!"
6. ACID COCKS "Vita sbagliata"
7. WRONG BOYS "Non sottomerti"
8. RAW POWER "State Oppression"
9. STIGMATHE "Corri & sopravvivi"
10. REIG "Fucking System"
11. ACID COCKS "Morti per la pace"
12. CRAPPING DOGS "I Got Mice"
13. CANI "E allora capirai...un nuovo mondo"
14. WRONG BOYS "Crisi"


I found this LP in this new and chaotic blog:rijselse kaaos front :http://rijselsekaaosfront.blogspot.com


dugenou said...

Well, I think your blog is one of the best around... so it's a great honor to see you bothered to link mine. Thanx, & keep the good work.
BTW, why are some of your posts written in greek only ?
Rÿsels man - rijselsekaaosfront.blogspot.com

filosofos said...

some posts are in greek because it is difficult to translate in english without change to their meaning.
btw my greek posts is a chance to buy a greek dictionary :)

Anonymous said...

I have a Greek dictiionary but only good for translating Homer and Plato :D Thanks for the link to rijselsekaaosfront, a very promising blog!
Fernando :)

dugenou said...

@filosofos : I learnt some ancient greek at school, very long ago, but it doesn't help me at all ;-) I'll try the dictionary anyway.
@Fernando : merci !
Dugenou/Rÿsels from hell