SOCIAL UNREST : making room for youth 7" 1981 / rat in a maze 12" 1982 / su 2000 LP 1985
(Hardcore punk / america)

making room for youth :
1.rush hour
2.making room for youth
3. join the people who've joined the army
compilation not so quiet....
4.their mistakes
rat in a maze :
5.general enemy
6. red, white and blue
7.thinking of suicide
8. lords prayer
9.mental breakdown
10.stab me in the back
11. i love you
SU 2000 :
12.i wanna be heard
13. talk's cheap
14. jimmy rocks
15.good for you
16.remember it black
17.public enemy number one
18.pay for a hero
19.good morning america
20.there's a stranger inside
21.rat in a maze
22.the brutality and the truth
23.rock'n'roll babylon
24.ignorance and arrogance
25.out my window
26.mission of mercy


Anonymous said...

Hi Filos,
This is one of the greatest posts!! I've only heard the first 45' from these guys. The vocals are great, and really are soulful belts, around track 12, he switches to something evnbetter than before..this band is great...just when you think you've heard it all...Thank you

P.S. I really enjoy your post, it's definately someting I look forward to.

filosofos said...

I Think that the lp -SU is much better than their previous jobs despite changing their vocalist.