ANTI/DOGMATIKSS : Rompan Filas - Demo 1984
(political hardcore from spain)

1 Fuego en la Moncloa
2 Religion
3 Estado de caos
4 Pierdete
5 Anti-U.S.A.
6 ?Ellos o tu?
7 El robot del futuro
8 Hacienda
9 El modelo de espa~ol
10 I was a boy? (Who?)
11 Campos de cruces



Anonymous said...

A total classic tape! I remember my mate had this back in the mid-80's & when I first heard it I just sat there with my mouth open in amazement. There's a CD with this, their 2nd demo & live stuff available.

filosofos said...

give me antidogmatiks ,HHH and miseria y kompania......AND take my soul....
I WILL POST...no acepto...the documentary......