BATTALION OF SAINTS - Rock In Peace.The Best Of The Battalion Of Saints LP 1988

( Hardcore Punk / America )

1.Interwiew With Chris Smith
2.Modern Day Heroes
3.I Make You Scream
4.Holy Vision
5.Witch World
6.Right Or Wrong
7.Intercourse/Solidarity Is Fun
8.Animal In Man
9.Sweaty Little Girls
10. Live At Fairmont Hall 85(fighting boys,second coming,fair warning,cops are out,my minds diseased,no time,ace of spades,new rose,enema)



Anonymous said...

Hi Filosophos,
It has been a long time since I last 'talked to you'-College life (Masters degree level) is taking full attention now.Hope all is well in your life.
That said-This particular release has always been a favorite. It is a great introduction to the band. Even when this tape only? (I thought) release, came out, it was mega rare to have. Like many of the Mystic releases the distribution was very poor to say the least. The songs are excellent for the fact they are mostly, if not all the Original sound mixes. I know that is often thrown around a lot by others; but compare the TANG "Death are us" to this and you will hear it in "Right or Wrong" and "I wanna make you..." for example.-Awesome pick, that has been sorely missed- Thank You Rg (from Los Angeles).

オテモヤン said...
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filosofos said...

hi,what I like most, is the live tracks-energetic and agressive but I agree that this release is a great introduction to the band.
college life in los angeles sounds ...too good to be true :-)