( Punk with female vocals / America )

01. Last Request
02. Don't Look In the Basement
03. Mind Inertia
04. Red Rum
05. Looking For Why
06. Then There Were None
07. Flight 007
08. Sunny
09. Anything Goes
10. “Riskiness Title”
11. Street Life



Jughead said...

Hey Filos!!! Great to see you...Just stopped by to say hello and hope all is well with you and yours!!!
The lead singer of this band was soooooo cute, she has that silky quality to her voice. I much rather hear that kind of feminine voice in punk (with a few exceptions Legal weapon, UXA, and the avengers, etc) Great pick, I have a discography + side project/band stuff, kinda flowery stuff, but ok. if your interested lemme know my friend. >RG a.k.a. JuggHead

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filosofos said...

Hey jughead do you know where I could find any photos of the singer or the band?

Jughead said...

Here you go friend, I used to know a blog, Oh! here it is: http://anamericanpunkinsuburbia.blogspot.com/
Scroll down for a picture-enjoy!>JuggHead

newchange said...

This is a great record with beautiful vocals!Old californian punk at it's best!And it's a very obscure band to the rest of the world

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude, That is just the total bomb that you had the Red Scare LP up here. Hella hard to get!!!

Great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

The link's dead could you PLEASE reupload this album it's soo hard to find man.. :(
Great blog btw keep the music alive!