S.N.F.U. : ...And No One Else Wanted To Play LP 1985
(hardcore punk / canada)

1.Broken Toy
2.She's Not On the Menu
3.Money Matters
4.I'm Really Scared
6.Seein' Life Through The Bottom Of A Bottle
7.Cannibal Café
9.Plastic Surgery Kept Her Beautiful
10.The Gravedigger
11.Bodies In the Wall
12.Get Off Your Ass
13.Loser At Life/Loser At Death
14.This Is the End

........There was a boy who had a toy But it was no car or train The toy that he had was the best toy in the world The toy was called his brain........
......You sit and complain Instead of using your brain You say you're bored out of your skull Instead of crying, why aren't you trying? To make things seem less dull No, you're taking the easy way out You best stop shitting from your mouth There's no value in verbal stew What's more important are the things you do
Get off your ass and do something Why sit on your ass and do nothing? Yeah! You've got your freedom, why not put it to use? Before some asshole takes it away from you...



Anonymous said...

great record. do you have IF YOU SWEAR YOULL CATCH NO FISH? got it on vinyl but would be great to have as mp3s...great site by the way.

Convertido said...

Awesome friggin' choice...haven't heard this one in years!!

Anonymous said...


filosofos said...

yes, i have their 2nd album.. if you swear you....and i will post it soon!

society no fucking way..rules!

kiwipunka said...

thanx for uploading the 2nd album when you do..cant wait...one of my fav albums...